DOC 2021 Membership T-Shirt / T-shirt Shipping Fees


Image of DOC 2021 Membership T-Shirt / T-shirt Shipping Fees

Delta Omega Chi Medical Service Society's 2021 T-shirt

Each paid member for the Fall 2021 semester will receive a free t-shirt.
The shirt will be $15 each for non-members or members who would like an extra shirt!
You can pay for your T-shirt through Venmo as well, but make sure to specify your name, contact info (phone number), and size. You can make your post private on Venmo!

Fill out the form if you would like your shirt shipped or picked up at UH:

**it is important to fill out the form so we have your information**

There will be a fee for shipping and supplies.
Payment through Venmo will be $5 and through our website will be $6.
Please provide your mailing address on the form above and double check for accuracy.
We will not be responsible or refund shipping fees for incorrect addresses.

Venmo: @deltaomegachi (please include id number)

Please contact [email protected] or Vice-President Finance, Kathy Nguyen, for any issues or concerns regarding your t-shirt or payment.